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We provide the full range of legal services needed by auto dealers. Our team has the industry knowledge and legal experience to efficiently handle routine or complex legal issues that may arise. We are skilled in counseling clients on how to best comply with the strict regulations imposed on auto dealerships and are a resource to both franchise and independent dealers in Ohio and Michigan.

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What is a Lien? And What does “Perfect” mean?

Creditor Rights Attorney A “lien” is defined as “[a] legal right or interest that a creditor has in another’s property, lasting usually until a debt or duty that it secures is satisfied.” Black’s Law Dictionary, 8th Edition. The most classic example of a lien is a mortgage. A person borrows…

Author: Allison Harrison

What is Mediation in Ohio?

Mediation is a process where a third-party, with no interest in the dispute, works to facilitate a resolution. This third-party member is known as a mediator. A mediator acts as a neutral intermediary between the parties, helping the parties come to a mutual agreement without the involvements of the Courts…

Author: Allison Harrison

Loaning Money From One Business To Another

If you are contemplating loaning money from one business to another, family members, or a friend, there are some basic things to consider: How will you be paid back? When? What happens if they do not pay you back? And it should all be in writing! When in doubt, consult…

Author: Allison Harrison

Does an LLC Need to Have an Attorney in Small Claims in Ohio?

As lawyers for LLCs, we often get questions about businesses that have been sued in small claims, the most accessible court to individuals, more so than in common pleas or federal court. The question we see most often is, “Can I, as the owner of the limited liability company, appear…

Author: Allison Harrison

Warranty vs. Service Contract: What Is the Difference?

I frequently hear dealers use service contracts and warranties interchangeably. This is dangerous as each term is defined differently and creates a different list of obligations for the dealer. It is important to consult with a contract lawyer to iron about the discrepancies. A “warranty” (A) any written affirmation or…

Author: Allison Harrison

CFPB Focuses on Personal Property Storage Fees After Repossession

The CFPB is a federal consumer protection bureau which creates and enforces federal consumer financial laws ensuring consumers access to consumer financial products and services in markets deemed fair, transparent, and competitive. The legislation resulting from this organization is known as CFPB law. In October, 2016 the CFPB issued its…

Author: Allison Harrison