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Creating an LLC Operating Agreement: Essential Guide & Steps

Discover the essentials of crafting an operating agreement for your LLC. Dive into the differences between online platforms and local attorneys, and get expert tips to ensure your business’s smooth operation and success.

Author: Allison Harrison

When Can I Tell a Judge My Side of the Story?

We hear this question a lot!  A lot of people believe that a case goes immediately to trial. Contrary to popular belief and Hollywood portrayals, cases do not immediately go to trial; clients do not immediately get to speak to a judge (unless it is small claims). Lawsuits are structured,…

Author: Allison Harrison

Are Oral Contracts Enforceable?

Discover the enforceability of oral contracts and the key elements that make them legally binding. Learn about mutual agreement, offer and acceptance, consideration, and the role of the Statute of Frauds. Find out why having a written contract can provide clarity and better enforceability in legal disputes.

Author: Allison Harrison

Are Verbal Contracts Enforceable?

Yes, however, they are more challenging to prove. A contract is formed when two or more parties have (a) an offer, (b) manifested acceptance of the offer, and (c) consideration (money or giving up a right). If a verbal contract contains all of these elements, it can be enforceable in…

Author: Allison Harrison

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is similar to a court, but there is a private judge. The judge is selected by the parties to the arbitration or by the arbitration governing body.  Arbitration is private, meaning anything filed through arbitration is not part of a public record. Searching and seeing how often a person…

Author: Allison Harrison

How Long Does Litigation Last?

The length of litigation can vary significantly depending on several factors: complexity, court system, competency of counsel involved; and parties willingness to negotiate/settle.  Notwithstanding the factors, litigation all starts out the same.  The first step to a lawsuit is the Plaintiff (person bringing the action) files a Complaint and serves…

Author: Allison Harrison