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The ALH Blog: Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important step for everyone. At ALH Law Group, we can help you and your family by ensuring that you and those you call family are properly taken care of. We understand how difficult this conversation can be and our team is there to listen to your needs, assess their goals, and help you establish your legacy.

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What happens if someone passes away and only has one asset?

Did you have someone pass away with only one asset ie one piece of real estate or one bank account? Do you need help on how to transfer it? Yes, you can always hire an attorney but there is one resource  out there that is amazing – the Franklin County…

Author: Allison Harrison

Why I love estate planning

The reason that I love estate planning is because it is proactive. SO much of what we do in the legal community is responsive – something happened and we have to take action. With estate planning, it’s all about what you want to do, how you want to do it…

Author: Allison Harrison

How does estate planning differ for the LGBTQ community

What is different about estate planning for the LGBTQ community? The short answer is nothing. Since the Supreme Court decided on Obergfell/Windsor, LGBTQ couples are treated the same as straight couples throughout the nation. The biggest difference we see is with family. Do they know about your relationship, do they…

Author: Allison Harrison

Immediate access to funds

When we talk about estate planning, a common concern of my clients is whether their loved ones will have immediate access to funds to pay for the burial or funeral, if arrangements have not already been pre-paid. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by nominating someone as…

Author: Allison Harrison

Benefits of an individualized Estate Plan

When we talk about estate planning, we usually talk about avoiding probate. That is the number one goal that is universal for everyone. We want you to avoid probate and make sure that your assets go the way that you want them to, not the way that the descent and…

Author: Allison Harrison

Who Should I Choose as My Executor?

An executor is in charge of following your will and the law. Their job requires attention to detail and paperwork. Executors should be somebody that you trust. You can choose whether or not to pay your executor for all of their hard work. Ohio law provides that executors can be…

Author: Allison Harrison