Benefits of an individualized Estate Plan

When we talk about estate planning, we usually talk about avoiding probate. That is the number one goal that is universal for everyone. We want you to avoid probate and make sure that your assets go the way that you want them to, not the way that the descent and distribution statute says that they should. Another goal you may have is to qualify for medicaid as you age. We can craft an estate plan to set you up to qualify should you need that care. Also, a goal may be to make sure that your heirs get a stepped up basis on your assets. This means that they would not be getting the 1970s value from when you bought the item but they will get the value of the item when you pass away. This way, when they sell it, it’s not as big of a capital gains tax. These are all reasons why we will work hard to craft an estate plan that are specific to you and your goals.

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